Criminal Defense

If you have a loved one who was recently arrested, we can get them out on bail.

Whether you have been cited for a minor misdemeanor or charged with a serious felony, you have constitutional rights. Lehner Law LLC provides vigorous and competent criminal representation. We protect your constitutional rights. From traffic tickets, petty theft and OVI, to trespassing, assault and serious felonies, Lehner Law LLC is prepared to advocate for you.

Some defendants believe they do not need an attorney to assist them. However, the criminal justice system can be complex. Slight technicalities or misunderstandings of the law can be the difference between:

  • fines vs. community service;
  • detainment vs. dismissal;
  • probation vs prison;
  • charge reduction vs. charge enhancement;
  • guilt vs. innocence.

We typically charge $500 for traffic offenses, $1,500 for representation in other crimes, and $750 to seal records.

Call for a free consultation (703) 595-9742.

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