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DMCA Take-Down Request

Registered trademark and copyright owners can get a YouTube channel terminated or transferred to their control. Tweets can be taken down and Twitter accounts can be transferred. Products can be removed from eBay and Amazon. Fake Facebook pages or usernames can be transferred to you.

If you believe your copyrighted material has been used online without your permission, you may wish to promptly serve a takedown notice under the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Or if you have received a DMCA takedown notice, you should act quickly to avoid liability for copyright infringement. We can assist a copyright owner in properly serving an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a takedown notice. If the takedown notice process does not resolve the issue, or if an effective counter-notification is delivered to the ISP, we can advise and handle any copyright infringement litigation matter in federal court.

The DMCA provides a safe harbor in certain circumstances for website operators, who host materials submitted by third parties that may infringe the copyrights of others. If the copyright owner provides a take down notice in compliance with the requirements of the DMCA and the website operator complies with its obligations under the DMCA, it may be shielded from liability for copyright infringement. The website operator can adopt and post a copyright policy to facilitate DMCA compliance.

A DMCA takedown request will remove content within 24 hours. There is no risk of harm to complain. Then, the other party has seven to ten days to defend if they want the content to go back up.

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