William Lehner, Esq.

William Lehner’s hourly rate is $300 / hour

We accept trademark infringement and personal injury cases on a contingent basis, so we only get paid if you win.

Flat Fees

A customized flat fee quote can be provided once your request is reviewed.

Lehner Law LLC’s low flat fees (government filing fees not listed) are:

Trademark Services

Copyright Services

Business Services

Family Services

Simple Divorce $1,500

Dissolution $500

Custody $1,500

Child or Spousal Support $1,500

Guardianship $1,500

Name Change $500

Prenuptial Agreement $500

Estate Planning Services

Will $200

Living Will $200

Healthcare Power of Attorney $200

Financial Power of Attorney $200

Transfer on Death Deed $200

Criminal Defense Services

Traffic $500

Other Offenses $1,500

Seal Records $750

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