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Products Liability

If you have been injured in the last two years due to a poorly designed or manufactured product, please call us for a free consultation. Lehner Law fights for the rights of those who have suffered an injury due to:

  • Motor vehicles;
  • Powertools;
  • Lawn mowers;
  • Kitchenware;
  • Garage doors; or
  • Other defective products.

We strongly encourage accident victims to not fall in the trap of accepting a quick, low-ball settlement offer from an insurance adjuster or cowardly lawyers. We’ll take cases to the jury if that is the client’s wish. Financing is available to cover litigation and living expenses- and the loan does not need to be paid back unless you win your lawsuit.

Reaching out to an attorney is a critical part of the process. Every conversation you have with the opposing party’s insurance adjuster can be used against you.

We accept cases on contingency when there is insurance.

Call us to schedule an office appointment (740) 660-4230.

Practice Contact

William Lehner, Esq.
William Lehner, Esq.
Book a consultation with William now!

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